ASAP - Housing

A complete and full featured housing management database system.

Easy to learn, Easy to maintain.

Get up and running quickly with ASAP housing and see an Immediate Return on Investment.

  • ASAP Housing is Easy to Learn and Easy to Use on a daily basis.
  • With intuitive screens and button placement, navigating the software comes natural.

Powerful Features.

ASAP has the right tools to help your department work more efficiently.

  • Mobile Inspection App on iPad, iPhone, Android / Android Tablets, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile. Inspection App works offline, syncing when you return to Wi-Fi or cellular network connectivity.
  • Take photos and capture GPS Location using the Mobile Inspection App
  • Complete history of each house, including construction, renovations & repairs.
  • Manage multiple budgets, tracking new construction, maintenance expenses and revenue.
  • Comprehensive Material on Hands & Asset Management.
  • Monthly rent roll procedure including receipts, arrears, and receivable reports.
  • Integrated document scanning feature for attaching invoices, forms and pictures directly to the house.
  • Detailed screens and reports for Inspection, Work Orders, Renovation, Tenant and Financial information.

Great Value, Great Software!

An abundance of features, with more being added regularly!

  • Analyze Graphs, Budgets and Reports when making important renovation and repair decisions.
  • Full Accounting System for Accurate Financial Reporting.
  • Report Creator allows users to design countless useful Custom Reports on the go.
  • Over 50 pre-generated Reports, including Tenancy Listings, Receivables, & House Condition Reports.
  • Layered Software Security with User Permissions baked right into the system. Every level of administration can have a role and defined program permissions.
  • Integrated Document Manager for Organizing your computer's relevant and important files.
  • Excellent Housing Management is an investment in your First Nation Community. Let ASAP Housing take your department to the next level!