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Adagio Accounting

Ferrus Computer Services and Softrak have joined forces to offer First Nations a complete solution for integrated departmental and financial software.

The Adagio Accounting system is fully integrated with the ASAP applications for Housing and Income Assistance. Adagio allows all of the individual organizations at the First Nations community to record their financial transactions and manage their budgets and accounts. Adagio provides powerful financial reporting. There are a large number of report templates available that can be modified to your exact specifications and preferences.


  • Easy to learn and use
  • Provides audit controls to prevent posting errors
  • Eliminates the need to manage functions and produce reports in spreadsheets
  • Compliant with Federal & Provincial reporting requirements

The Adagio Accounting System

Adagio Accounting provides a comprehensive financial management solution for First Nations organizations. Adagio can work effectively for everything from sawmills, healthcare clinics, schools, and stores to larger business ventures. Many First Nations organizations run specialized programs developed for their needs. Often, these programs will export data to the accounting system. Adagio’s importing features are flexible and easily set up to handle many file formats.

Financial Reporting

First Nations organizations run many different programs in health, education, heritage, social services, housing and more. With Adagio Ledger’s powerful Financial Reporter, the financial officer can produce exactly the reports needed to manage these programs effectively. It supports departments and even combined reports for related reporting entities.

Adagio is compliant with the accounting and reporting requirements for :

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Heritage
  • Social Services
  • Retail
  • Business Ventures

Document Storage

Adagio DocStore acts as a “virtual filing cabinet” for all electronic documents handled by the accounting department. It also enables the manual and automatic linking of PDF documents to Adagio accounting transactions and master files. Generated PDFs (Invoices, Credit Notes, Inventory Receipts) are automatically attached to their source transaction. Accounts Payables invoices can be attached or scanned during batch entry. All reports can be generated to PDF and automatically filed. Once a document is attached to a transaction in a batch, the document will automatically flow to transactions in other modules.

For example, an Invoice processed in Purchase Orders will be attached to the invoice in Payables. When that invoice is paid in Payables, a remittance advice and the invoice will be attached to the bank credit in Ledger. The financial officer or auditor can click on a credit in the bank general ledger account and view the remittance advice for the check and all invoices paid by the check.

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