Each feature of ASAP has been carefully thought-out to ensure the end-user experience is nothing short of effortless.

  • Enjoy the friendly & colourful application layout. Everything is just a couple clicks away.

  • Use the visual client browse system to get started, or use the locate feature to go right to a client.

  • Access all client/supplier information, reports, payments and expenses quickly and easily.


ASAP has the right tools to help your department work more efficiently.

  • Fully integrated Direct Deposit payment option. Replace costly cheque writing for good and pay your applicants and vendors with the integrated EFT program.  All instantly and directly within ASAP software.

  • Go paperless with Electronic Signatures pads. Sign B&D’s, Applications, Cheques and Release forms electronically within ASAP.

  • Sync ASAP with your Finance department. All ASAP modules export to AccPac / Sage300 and ingrate with Adagio Software.

  • Batch features allows for fast payment and bill processing.  Save time by doing entries all at once rather than one at a time.

  • Layered Application Security with a complete office trial.. User permission system that’s baked right in. Every ASAP user has a role and defined program permissions.


Don’t be afraid to dive right in. ASAP takes care of the debits & credits for you.

  • ASAP uses easy to understand terminology and program work-flow. Just one less thing for a busy IA worker to worry about.

  • All individuals with different financial levels and backgrounds will appreciate the robust yet simple approach to managing Income Assistance departments with ASAP.

  • Computer calculated reports. Forget manual number crunching, let ASAP do that for you. ASAP can do in seconds what would normally take days to do.

  • Includes all INAC required reports as well as supplemental reports to ensure a complete and detailed department overview. 

  • All INAC required reports are updated and completed at no additional charge. Always have the latest INAC reports, like the DCI, included for free with your ASAP support plan.

  • Never be without a report. Use the intuitive Report Generator to make your own reports on the fly.


  • All ASAP users receive comprehensive hands-on training with a knowledgeable instructor.
  • Full phone and desktop support is available whenever a question arises.
  • Our friendly staff will ensure that your department runs smoothly and stays a step ahead.